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"Maynard always has our best interests in mind, and provides solid perspective when we most need it."

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I was referred to Justin, who is a colleague of one of my friends, to handle my first home purchase. I've seen a number of home purchases upfront as a kid with a parent who flips houses and rents all sorts of properties, so I knew some things, but Justin filled in all the gaps and gave me superb advice at every step. He is ridiculously responsive, replying to texts at 11:30 at night and again at 7am the next morning. I'm not sure if he sleeps, to be honest. I've never waited for a response longer than a short period of time (maybe an hour or two tops, when he was helping another client). I was really nervous about the market in Seattle, and was really just looking to see if there was anything that was just right for me -- right place, right time, right price. I didn't even know what neighborhood I wanted my home to be in, because I am not very familiar with the neighborhoods in south Seattle, but I told Justin what I was looking for and my ideal price range and he blew it out of the water. As soon as I had my pre-approval, he scheduled a day with me to show me different homes throughout West Seattle (where I was leaning and what he thought would be the closest feel to Ballard, where I currently live and love) and one in Columbia City, which we didn't get to because I fell in love with the third home he showed me. At first I had expected him to send me properties meeting my criteria that he thought I might be interested in, but in retrospect his methodology made a ton of sense and I'm really impressed at how he took my vague requirements for a home and just nailed it. He did include one home I was interested in so that I could see it in the list, but it ended up being a dud. During the showings he was very neutral, letting me form my own opinions, but he did caution me on some properties that he was suspicious about not being in good condition, that he believed were overpriced, or that he thought were likely to be very competitive and lead to a bidding war (which I had zero interest in engaging in). He described West Seattle and all the parts of it in detail and told me about each location as we drove to it. When I found my home, I was so in love I would have stopped looking right then, but he encouraged me to see some more houses just to confirm it was the right one. I appreciate that he wanted me to do my due diligence before jumping into such a huge investment. Afterwards, when I told him I really loved the one property, he told me to sleep on it and took me to see it again before I decided to put in an offer. I told him I wanted to pull the trigger and he went to work. He spent time researching, consulting with the owner of his realtor group, running comps and thinking through how to structure my offer to get to my ultimate goal. Every recommendation he made must have been spot on, because my offer was accepted after a counteroffer that was only a change in list price to the number I had hoped to achieve in best-case scenario! And I didn't waive any important contingencies (inspection or financing) so I can feel confident that this purchase will only happen if the home is in the condition I expect. Even now he's connecting me with inspectors, the rest of his team that will manage the process moving forward, and he already put me in touch with lenders at the beginning for the pre-approval process.  I have an inherent distrust of most realtors but I truly believe Justin is cream of the crop. I felt he was honest, worked hard to get me to the number I hoped for, and didn't compromise on anything that would have put me in a precarious position. As this is my first home purchase, it's critical that I start out with a sound financial decision. I do genuinely believe that Justin made that possible and set me up for success at every step. Cannot recommend him (& his entire team) enough. Thank you Justin for making my home ownership dreams come true!

I couldn't have asked for a better first-time home buying experience! I would highly recommend Mr. Wagner to any friends or family members as the process was seamless. Furthermore, thanks to Maynard's industry expertise and guidance I outbid TWELVE other potential buyers and won the first home I  put an offer on. I confidently recommend him to any home buyers or sellers. He and his team deliver above and beyond expectations.

I am so thankful to have Maynard as our agent. Although the real estate market is cooling off this summer, Maynard helped us adjust the price based on it and sell this house in a good price in three weeks.  Maynard knows the local market very well and sets up a good strategy for marketing. He is also very responsive. Maynard is good at solving problems and guiding us through the process. I appreciate the excellent service that Maynard provided to us. I strongly recommend him.

Buying a new home is a stressful thing. So much of the process is slow and old-fashioned, with way too much paper work and red tape, but i am happy to say that when it came to finding a great buyers agent, we lucked out with Maynard.  really enjoyed working with Maynard and his TEAM. I emphasis  TEAM, because while many other agents are all about themselves, Maynard really understands the value of bringing all his star players onto the field. He connected us with the best home inspector, and bunch of other folks who really made our purchase process easier, and when he wasn't available, his excellent team were always there for us. I was impressed with how he handled negotiations with the sellers agent too. I highly recommend him and will totally use him again in the future!

Maynard and his team are the best.  I live far away.  After an unexpected death in our family, we needed to sell an older home in Seattle.  I did not know any realtors.  I also did not know the area, the condition of the home or the market.  We only knew Maynard's name and his reputation for service, honesty and hard work.  The listing and the sale could not have gone better, despite all the stresses.  Maynard answers every email or phone call right away.  He has a calming influence.  He knows how houses sell in Seattle, how long it will take, and how to list them for the best price.  Maynard was always willing to visit the house, meet repair, utility or inspection companies and do anything humanly possible to help us sell this home.  I wish there were more Maynards in the real estate business.

Maynard and his team did an amazing job with our listing. He arranged for professionals to inspect, paint and stage our house so we had it on the market within a week. We had to be out of town and Maynard made the process easy and efficient. Long distance negotiations went smoothly and the house sold quickly. Couldn't recommend him more highly!

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