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How to Sell Your Home in 6 Easy Steps

Maynard Wagner

Maynard Wagner is a thoughtful, energetic, and well-prepared advisor who delivers investment-grade service to all clients...

Maynard Wagner is a thoughtful, energetic, and well-prepared advisor who delivers investment-grade service to all clients...

Mar 5 3 minutes read

Getting your home sold isn’t easy, but it’s much simpler if you have an idea of what the process looks like. Here are six steps to help you get your home sold in today’s market.

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One of the common concerns we hear from homeowners who are getting ready to sell is, ”What exactly is it going to take to get my home sold?” Here are six straightforward, simple steps to help make sure your home gets sold quickly and properly:

1. Let’s meet and discuss your goals. We’ll go over your reasons for selling, the timing you want to achieve, and your goals in general. This process is all about making the sale a success for you, so I want to learn exactly what your goals are so we can tailor our plan accordingly. Then, we’ll go on a tour of your home where you can tell me exactly what you love about your home, which we’ll highlight when we feature it.

2. Determine and agree upon a price. We’ll look at comparable sold properties and current competition on the market to see if there are any cheap repairs or improvements we can do to greatly increase your home’s value. Our vendors make accomplishing that much easier and the end result is to produce a price and a strategy to give you the best return possible on your investment.

3. Market your home like crazy. Your home has a special and unique story to tell. Through a combination of digital, print, video, and more, we’ll market your property like crazy on social media and every real estate portal out there. Getting your home in front of as many buyers’ eyes as possible is our goal. It will create a buzz and excitement around your home that will generate the best offer for you.

"We’ll make sure the offer you accept is as strong as possible."

4. Negotiate with each buyer. We’ll make sure that the offer you accept is as strong as possible on both price and terms. If we’re committing to accepting an offer, we’re confident it will close and it will pass inspection. Whether the buyer is paying in cash or has a loan, I’ll make sure that I understand their qualifications and will be making sure that they have the funds to close.

5. Accept an offer. My job here is to make sure everything goes smoothly. I’ll be working with the title company, escrow, the buyer’s agent, their lender, any inspectors or vendors, and more to make sure everything goes off without a hitch.

6. Your home is sold. Congratulations! The proceeds are in your bank account. Keep in mind that we’re always here to serve you after the sale at any time.

I hope this was good insight for you on what it takes to get a home sold in today’s market. If you have any questions for me in the meantime, don’t hesitate to give me a call or send me an email. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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