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Jane, The Mom Who Found The Perfect Home Just In Time For Christmas. 


Finding The Perfect Home Before Christmas 🎄

Maynard Wagner

Maynard Wagner is a thoughtful, energetic, and well-prepared advisor who delivers investment-grade service to all clients...

Maynard Wagner is a thoughtful, energetic, and well-prepared advisor who delivers investment-grade service to all clients...

Dec 3 4 minutes read

It’s a sunny Saturday morning in Seattle, you make your coffee, grab a quick bite and start getting ready to enjoy the good weather by touring some Open Houses.

You are somewhat curious about what’s out there and you have plans to buy a home but don’t know exactly when that would be. Suddenly, it’s your 5th house and you haven’t seen anything you like, but you decide to keep on going for one more.

You enter into this cute condo but you realize it’s not what you’re looking for. You think “it’s all good, I wasn’t looking to buy a home today anyway”.  You keep walking around, you grab a bottle of water and a flyer on the counter. You check out the nice staging when an agent comes by to greet you. He seems like a nice guy, he asks you simple questions without being “too pushy”. And you can tell all he wants is to get to know you better. 

That’s how Justin met his client, Jane. He knew she wasn’t ready to purchase a home right away, but that wasn’t an issue for him. He wanted to make sure he was there for her to answer any questions because let’s be honest, even just the idea of buying a home can be really intimidating.

One day, she reached out telling Justin she wanted to take her search a little bit more serious. She has two sons, one here in Seattle and the other one in Taiwan, with her husband. Justin learned she wanted to purchase a home because her son in Taiwan is planning on moving to Seattle. 

So he met with her and Lucas, Jane's son, to view some places. They originally started looking around Lake City and North Seattle but that area wasn’t what they were looking for. 

They kept researching neighborhoods and Greenwood popped up. They dove into the area a little bit deeper to learn about the lifestyle, where things were, and they even did a couple of test commutes to see what it was like. Which by the way, we recommend you take the time to do if you have a place in mind. Just commute from there to let’s say your office or your kid’s school. Nothing like experiencing your commute beforehand before pulling the trigger.

Anyway, Jane and her son really enjoyed the Greenwood lifestyle, and during that whole process of getting to know the area, there was a place that REALLY stuck out. Jane's husband was part of the decision-making process so she had some challenges with him being so far away in Taiwan.

About a month passed before they saw the place for the second time, and luckily, it was still on the market! But Justin got a call from the listing agent telling him they had another offer coming in. 

The place was listed at $388,000 and they ended up offering $380,000 with an escalation clause to full list (If you don’t know what an escalation clause is, ask away!). 

Long story short, their offer won and Jane was thrilled to get the place she wanted in her dream neighborhood at the price she wanted, just in time for Christmas 🎄

If you think you could use some help finding your dream home, just like Jane did, simply get in touch. 

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